This week EU approved export licences for 318,000 t of soft wheat. This makes total 16.9 million t from beginning of the 2012/13 (July-June) season.

Same period last year export was 11.5 million tonnes.

EU also granted import licences for 162,000 tonnes of corn. This season a total of 9.6 million tonnes corn was imported, compared to 4.6 million tonnes last year.

Export of maize from Serbia came to standstill in period January - February. Exports completely stopped because of high aflatoxin contamination of  maize. Serbia was in top 10 of world maize exporters but with aflatoxin contamined maize this year exports will be ruined. 

Last week EU allowed import of 454,000 t of corn. Up to now, totally imported in EU is 7.6 million tonnes if corn from start of this season. Mostly reason is quality issue in EU corn which caused many buyers to look elsewhere for corn instead European sources.