Local refineries in Balkan region are source of our sugar. Never the less, we are covered also from EU and non-EU sugar (Brazil, North Africa, Thailand).

Our sugar business covers Europe, Adriatic and Mediterranean region. Sugar represents substantial amount of our business. Our primary focus are EU market and Balkan region. Balkan sugars is distributed from local sugar factories.

Cane sugar from South America is sourceed via our long standing partners in Brazil for final buyers worldwide. Our business is truly global. Sugar is delivered by trucks, railway wagons and vessels to our end-users for retail distribution and also to industrial users.
Sugaris packed in 25 kg, 50 kg bags, big bags (1000/1100 kg), in containers and in bulk. Croatia, Serbia and EU origin sugar we supply to European buyers and specially to buyers in Balkan region. Raw sugar, Brown sugar and Refined crystal sugar we can supply from South America, mainly Brazil and North Africa too, where we have partners with longstanding business tradition.

Sugar beet pulp pellet and Molasses as nus-product from sugar industry in Serbia and Croatia is exported to EU countries and Balkan region. Also same nus products are sourced in EU as well as in Russia and Ukraine for Black Sea destination countries.