Wheat crop sowing in Serbia is in good progress because of very nice weather. Its expected cca 600,000 ha to be under wheat, so crop 2016 should be among record high.

Corn crop is much under average this year because of bad weather conditions. Very dry summer, lot of heat with absence of rain. But in harvesting season lot of rain made difficult corn harvesting. This years crop has low aflatoxin level and DON too. Usually corn harvest is cca 6,3 million tons, but this year is about 5,9 million tons. Harvesting is nearing an end, expecting to finish in next week because of nice weather now which helps farmers a lot in field work.

Russia will cut wheat export tax from 1st October to 50 percent of the customs price minus 6,500 roubles (99 USD) per ton but not less than 10 roubles per ton. 

Ministry is against possible cut in what export tax. It wa speculated for a long time that export tax is going to be eased, but it look like that is not going to happen soon. Wheat export tax is set at 50% of the customs price minus 5,500 roubles/ton (83 USD/t) but not less than 50 roubles/ton.